Our Clients’ Largest Verdicts & Settlements

$5,600,000 | Automobile v. Motorcycle – Manatee County, FL

Automobile v. Motorcycle / Jury Verdict *RECORD VERDICT Verdict was awarded to a young man in his twenties who was injured when his motorcycle collided with a mini-van on US Highway 41 in Manatee County. The man suffered severe orthopedic injuries. This was the largest auto/motorcycle accident verdict in the history of Manatee County at that time.

$4,000,000 | Insurance Settlement – Manatee County, FL

Insurance Settlement Manatee County When an insurance company refused to pay it’s $100,000 policy limit to our catastrophically injured client, a bad faith lawsuit was later brought resulting in a settlement for our client.

$3,992,500 | Motorcycle Accident – Sarasota County, FL

Motorcycle Accident / Judgment Sarasota County A U-Haul truck tried to make an illegal left hand turn directly in front of our client’s motorcycle crushing him and his bike. Injuries were life threatening and severe causing our client to lose his ability to go back to any substantial gainful employment. Gallagher and Hagopian, immediately took U-Haul and the defendant-driver to court resulting in a settlement for a stipulated judgment just prior to Trial.

$2,100,000 | Wrongful Death Action – Lee County, FL

Wrongful Death Action / Judgment Our client was rear ended and pushed into oncoming traffic by the rear ending vehicle. This collision resulted in severe injuries and a coma which eventually led to our client’s death. The accident and subsequent lawsuit was in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida

$1,425,000 | Auto Accident – Polk County, FL

Auto Accident / Judgment Our client suffered a traumatic injury to his brain, was in a coma for two weeks, suffered internal injuries and skeletal fractures after being struck by a defendant who ran a stop sign without slowing.

$1,250,000 | Motorcycle Accident – Sarasota County, FL

Motorcycle Accident / Jury Verdict A young man lost his arm in catastrophic motorcycle accident when an inadequately insured driver pulled out in front of him. Before being represent by Gallagher & Hagopian, he was advised by other lawyers he would have to accept only $10,000 for his injuries since that was all the insurance covered. After litigating all the way through a jury trial, the insurance company settled for well over a million dollars.

$1,250,000 | Insurance Settlement – Lee County, FL

Insurance Settlement Lee County A large insurance company refused to timely pay our client the policy limit of merely $100,000.00 after our client lost his wife as a result of the accident. Gallagher & Hagopian filed suit and obtained a Judgment well in excess of that limit. A bad faith suit was then brought in federal court resulting a large settlement in favor of our client.

$1,100,000 | Propane Explosion Case – Sarasota County, FL

Home Owners / Propane Explosion Case A Florida woman was severely burned on her arms and legs when a fire/explosion broke out in the home she was cleaning due to a propane gas leak from the home owner’s pool heating mechanism. The propane gas servicing company failed to properly inspect the underground tank for leaks causing the explosion and the injury to the woman.

$1,050,000 | Private Plane Crash – Sarasota County, FL

Plane Crash / Settlement Our client suffered incapacitating injuries to his legs and is wheelchair bound due to an accident while riding as a passenger in an uninsured private plane. The pilot was flying the plane in a reckless manner when the plane malfunctioned and crashed. After we took the defendants to court, the pilot’s estate was forced to pay over $1,000,000.

$1,000,000 | Bicycle Accident – Manatee County, FL

Uninsured Motorist Settlement for Bicycle Accident. Our client was catastrophically injured while riding a bicycle when an underinsured driver carelessly went through an intersection in East Manatee County causing a serious collision between the motor vehicle and our client. Our client was thrown from the bike and landed in the roadway. Gallagher & Hagopian immediately went to our client’s insurance company and demanded payment of the policy limit based on the serious injuries and the lack of insurance of the driver of the car. Our client’s insurance company did the right thing and tendered the policy limit of $1,000,000.00 upon demand.

$902,400 Jury Verdict – Manatee County, Fl

Client was traveling on SR 64 in Bradenton when he was t-boned by tow-truck that a ran stop sign. Client had to undergo both neck and back surgeries as a result of the crash. Defendant refused to make any reasonable offer to settle so GHPL filed suit and took the case to trial resulting in a significant jury verdict after a weeklong jury trial.

$825,000 | Rear End Auto Accident – Hillsborough County, FL

Rear End Auto Accident / Multiple Surgeries A lawsuit resulted in a substantial recovery at mediation for our client who was rear ended at high speed and required neck, back and shoulder surgeries.

$800,000 | Head On Collision – Manatee County, FL

Head On Collision / Multiple Surgeries Head on collision by a trailer that detached from a pick-up truck..

$750,000 | Auto Accident – Hillsborough County, FL

Auto Accident A Tampa radio morning show disc jockey was severely injured on his way to work when someone ran a red light and t-boned his vehicle. The insurance company of the driver who ran the light tried to deny fault rather than paying the policy limit of merely $25,000.00. A bad faith lawsuit was later brought resulting in a settlement for our client.

$347,500 Pre-trial Settlement – Charlotte County, FL

Client heading to work when Defendant ran stop-sign causing a T-bone collision and rollover. Plaintiff needed a neck fusion surgery as a result of her injuries. Suit was filed against the Defendant and his employer resulting in a significant settlement prior to trial.

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement – Sarasota County, FL

Client was severely hurt while trying to cross Fruitville Road in Sarasota after getting off a city bus when he was struck by the Defendant. Defendant tried to blame our client for the accident but GHPL were able to prove that the Defendant was in fact negligent for not observing the Plaintiff in front of him.

$225,000 Pre-trial Settlement – Manatee County, FL

Elderly client was rear-ended on Interstate 75 by a work truck. GHPL filed suit because of the low settlement offer and conducted extensive discovery on client’s behalf. Settled on the even of trial for significantly more than the pre-suit offer.

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