As a board certified criminal defense attorney, Greg Hagopian provides his clients with extensive experience and assertive representation from a range of crimes including murder, sexual battery, drug trafficking, DUI and shoplifting. As a former prosecutor, he has valuable insight to the inner workings of the criminal justice system. His goal: to protect the rights and freedom of individuals under the laws of our county, state and country from the following offenses:

Felony Offenses

A felony is a very serious offense punishable by more than one year in prison. Common examples of felonies include burglary, sexual battery, sale of narcotics, dealing in stolen property and robbery. Conviction for such crimes have life changing consequences including a lengthy prison sentence, loss of voting rights, loss of right to possess firearms, significant monetary fine, and possible deportation. It is vital to have a qualified board certified criminal defense attorney provide an aggressive defense and speak in the client’s best interests under the law. With your freedom at stake, do not rely on a public defender; call attorney Greg Hagopian at (941) 727-6944 to discuss your situation in detail.


Less serious than felony offenses, a misdemeanor is only punishable by a maximum of one year in county jail. Common examples of misdemeanors include DUI, driving with a suspended license, petty/retail theft, and domestic battery. These offenses are often handled in an informal manner, often with non-jail alternatives such as pre-trial diversion programs, or probation and community service. An experienced board certified defense attorney such as Greg Hagopian will guide you through every stage of the legal proceedings.

Federal Crimes

Facing the federal government in court can be a daunting task. Federal crimes can include charges spanning from assaulting a federal employee and damaging federal property to bank robbery and drug trafficking. Federal agencies have access to vast resources in building their case against you. This is why if you are being investigated or charged with violating a federal offense, you need a criminal defense attorney who can hold his own against the forces of the federal government. Because the federal government has likely been building the case before you were charged, it is vital that you begin counsel with experienced criminal defense attorney Greg Hagopian immediately to start working on your defense.

Sex Crimes

Attorney Greg Hagopian has extensive experience defending those accused of sex crimes. Common examples of sex crimes include sexual battery, child molestation, lewd & lascivious, and child/computer pornography. If convicted of this type of serious charge, the accused will be subject to a lengthy prison sentence in addition to sexual offender/predator community notification and registration (including the offender’s photo posted on the internet and every community in which he resides) for the rest of his life. Besides the penalties from a conviction, having this criminal history can cause the loss of employment, discrimination from the local community and severe family discord. Counseling of the highest competence is required for the handling of this sensitive issue. As a prior sex crimes prosecutor and board certified criminal defense attorney, Attorney Greg Hagopian has the experience and expertise to delicately and discreetly handle these most sensitive of accusations. Do not risk the rest of your life without first contacting him at (941) 727-6944 to discuss your case in detail.

Driving Under The Influence

When pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, you must comply with taking a breath, blood or urine test. Under Florida’s Implied Consent Law, to attain your driver’s license, you must agree to take these tests on request. Refusing to take any of the tests will result in suspension of your license for one year. Additionally, refusing to comply with drunken driving tests a second time will result in an 18 month suspension. In Florida, the maximum legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 0.08% for drivers 21 years of age or older. Under age (under 21 years old) drivers have a legal limit of 0.02%. The legal BAC limit in Florida for commercial drivers is 0.04%. If you find yourself being held for DUI or if you took or refused to take the DUI tests, you need to consult with an attorney with experience. Greg Hagopian will assess the information and explore all the options as he works to have your case either dismissed to keep the DUI off your record, or to reduce the DUI to a lower offense such as reckless driving. You have 10 days to request a hearing to save your driving record and license. Don’t delay, Call Greg Hagopian now (941) 727-6944.

Computer Crimes

Computer crimes can be any crime that involves a computer and a network. These crimes include: cracking, copyright infringement, child pornography, cyber-stalking, fraud and identity theft. Today’s computer technology must be thoroughly analyzed because even though the evidence obtained may be found on hard drives and emails, proving who had access to a particular computer or network and when they or others had access to the system can be a complex issue. Current on the latest technology, Greg Hagopian understands how intricate computer crimes can be. If you are being charged with a technology crime relating to computers and the internet, call for the legal aid of Greg Hagopian right away.

Traffic Offenses

These infractions may involve injury to other people, the destruction of property, and may result in having one’s license revoked, monetary fines and imprisonment. Traffic offenses fall into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. In the case of a misdemeanor, a driver can be pulled over for reckless driving, driving under the influence, or failing to stop at the scene of a traffic accident. More serious offenses fall under the category of a felony which may be a repeat offense of DUI, hit and run accidents, or vehicular homicide. If convicted of a felony, he/she will have greater restrictions and penalties such as losing voting rights and longer prison sentences. During these difficult circumstances you must be aware of your rights and your legal options. Let Greg Hagopian be your legal advocate and guide you through this state of affairs.

Drug Offenses

Often when someone is arrested for a drug crime, it was while they were stopped for a traffic violation. Following the stop, if the officer searches the car and finds drugs, there are two possible charges that can be made depending on where in the car the drugs are found. If the drugs are found on your person such as in your hands or in your pocket, it is called possession. Constructive possession is when the illegal substance is found within your immediate vicinity such as under your car seat or in the trunk of the vehicle. To substantiate this charge, it is the responsibility of the state attorney to prove that you had both knowledge and control over the drugs.

In a misdemeanor offense such as the conviction of the possession of marijuana, the charge will result in a mandatory two year driver’s license suspension. A felony drug conviction will lead to losing the right to vote, possess a gun, places restrictions on travel and have over a year’s prison sentence. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a drug offense, it is in your best interest to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. Call Greg Hagopian at (941) 727-6944.

Domestic Violence

Anyone can be falsely accused of domestic violence by their spouse, ex-spouse, cohabitants, partner, or family members. In many cases it is the word of the accuser versus the word of the defendant. For instance, it is not uncommon for one person to charge another person for domestic violence in order to have the tactical advantage during a divorce or custody battle. The alleged violence can include hitting, pushing, choking and other forms of abuse. There may be a 911 recording to substantiate or disprove some of the claims made.

Within 24 hours of being arrested and being held in custody, the accused will have their first appearance before a judge. It is at this time the judge has the option of releasing the accused with or without bail, and impose a set of conditions for release. Violating this order may lead to additional charges. If you have been accused of a domestic violence, you need an attorney with years of experience with defense cases on your side. You need to consult with Greg Hagopian as soon as possible, and he will work to reduce your bail and create a defense to prove your case.


A murder charge is the most serious crime to be accused of committing. There are several types of homicide ranging from manslaughter, felony murder, self defense and first and second degree murder. Depending on the type of charge and the circumstances involved, the sentencing is severe with the consequence of years or life imprisonment, or even the death penalty. Greg Hagopian will aggressively challenge any unfair speculation against his client. He will pursue available defense strategies such as misidentification, self-defense, temporary insanity, or seek to lower the sentence from murder to manslaughter. With your future in the balance, you need a competent and aggressive criminal law attorney who is proficient at analyzing forensic evidence. If you are under investigation or arrested for homicide, call Gregory S. Hagopian immediately to discuss your rights and possible defense strategies.

Juvenile Crime

A criminal record can have long lasting ramifications that can impair a minor’s future when later seeking education and employment. Common crimes committed by minors are theft, drug abuse, trespassing and vandalism. Under the age of 18, minors have similar legal rights as those of adults; in particular having the right to remain silent when being questioned by the authorities, and having the right to have an attorney present during that questioning. For more serious and violent crimes, a minor can be charged as an adult. Among these offenses are being accused of murder, arson, robbery and sex offenses. The defense you use today for your adolescent can influence the course of their life. Call Greg Hagopian right away to become aware of your loved one’s rights and work towards the goal of giving them a second chance.

Bond Reduction

It is the judge’s decision to grant a defendant bail and the amount of money to be paid. Payment of this bail is an assurance to appear in court for a pending trial at a later date rather than staying in jail. If the judge determines that you are eligible for release on bond, you want to get out of jail as soon as possible and prepare for your trial. You must speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options and negotiate to lower your bail amount. During this negotiation, several things will be considered by the judge such as the severity of the crime, whether or not you have a criminal history, your financial situation, your standing with the community, your employment and your need to care for your children. If you or someone you care about is in custody, call Greg Hagopian at (941) 727-6944 for a consultation to help bring about the reduction of your bail bond. Being out of jail will better allow you to deal with your personal affairs and properly prepare for trial.

Probation Violation

As an alternative to jail time, you may be placed on probation and your activities monitored by a probation officer. Having been convicted of a crime, there will be a set of ground rules for your probation which you must be in accordance with. For instance, in the case of a DUI conviction, you must attend an alcohol education program and be prepared for a random alcohol and drug screening at any time. A violation of probation can be made by a repeat offense or by missing an appointment with your probation officer. In such cases, the probation officer must prove that these violations were made. To avoid any potential probation violation penalties it is very important for you to have skilled legal representation in the courtroom. Call for the advice and representation of Greg Hagopian at (941) 727-6944.


When a business or organization performs a background check on someone, among the items they look for are arrests and convictions. A criminal history is not looked upon favorably and having this negative information on your record can cause difficulties when applying for bank and student loans, job opportunities and buying or renting a home. The way to remove this history from your record is to have it sealed legally through the process of expungement. There are conditions as to what type of cases can be expunged. With Greg Hagopian’s guidance, you will be made aware of your options so you can petition to have your record cleared and move on with your life.

Financial Crimes

Unlike other offenses, financial crimes do not involve physical harm. Also referred to as “white collar crimes,” the large variety of offenses in this category may involve fraud, insider trading, bank fraud, theft, scams, tax evasion, bribery, embezzlement, identity theft, money laundering, forgery and counterfeiting. Being convicted of partaking in a financial crime can destroy a reputation, a career, hinder your ability for future employment and present other difficulties as well. With these charges come considerable fines and prison terms. If you are charged with having committed a financial crime or if you are the subject of a crime investigation, do not hesitate to seek Greg Hagopian for your legal representation. With Greg Hagopian as your counsel, you will get an aggressive advocate of your rights and an active negotiator to reduce and dismiss wrongly accused charges.

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