If you’ve experienced an auto accident, the impacts can be overwhelming. Pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and a general disruption of your life – these are the common results of an auto accident. You should not have to suffer because of another individual’s negligence, but do not assume that contacting your insurance company will eliminate the burden. Understand that insurance companies are in business to make money, so the less the company pays in policyholder claims, the more profitable they will be. You may be driving to work, on your way to dinner with friends, making your way across town to pick up the kids, or just heading to the grocery store. Whatever the errand, there exists a basic assumption that if you obey the traffic laws and you operate your vehicle responsibly, you should be able to complete your trip without incident. Unfortunately, the negligent behavior of certain drivers occasionally subjects others to the risk of auto accidents. We are centrally located in Bradenton, FL which allows us to conveniently serve you no matter where you live in Manatee, Sarasota and surrounding counties on the West Coast of Florida.Common scenarios for negligent drivers:

  • rear-end collisions, t-bone collisions, sideswipes, etc.
  • inattentive drivers
  • speeding and reckless driving
  • awareness deficit
  • texting and cell phone usage
  • disregarding hazardous conditions
  • impaired and imperiled driving

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